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The City Council wants us to manage the past and the collective heritage in a significant and contemporary way. Not an easy challenge for a city worldwide known as an international historic and touristic centre. During Brugge 2002, dust was literally blown off many buildings, we built with an eye to the future, but most importantly, we laid the foundation of a mentality change. Brugge 2002 had to stimulate both cultural and less cultural minds. The cultural organizations followed quickly with new impulses. A continuation of the cultural year in which Bruges was European Capital of Culture was bound to happen. When the cultural year had past, the nonprofit organization Brugge Plus was called into existence.  The organization acts as an intermediary partner between the city services and the partners in the cultural and touristic sector. Within the challenge to develop a long-term vision for the cultural policy of Bruges, Brugge Plus acts as the coordinator for the five annual city festivals. In the summer of 2005 that was Corpus Brugge 05 and in the fall of 2010 we organized Brugge Centraal.